Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions

This is the Terms of Use / Service agreement that governs your use of SubioCraft’s website, servers, and data. If you do not agree with these terms, please stop using SubioCraft’s website and remove our network from your Minecraft server list.


SubioCraft may change any of the terms and conditions in this agreement at any time for any reason. An announcement will be posted on the ThirtyVirus Bot Net Discord Channel when these terms update, and you are responsible for reviewing the changes. If you do not agree with these terms, please stop using SubioCraft’s website,  servers, and data and remove SubioCraft from your Minecraft server list.

Server Rules

These are the rules that every player must follow in order to stay in good standing with the SubioCraft staff. Break any of these rules, and you will be met with appropriate consequences. Repeat offenses result in worse punishments. For example: multiple cases of cursing in chat will be met with a temporary ban, and multiple cases of griefing will result in a permanent ban.

Level 1 Rules

Temporary Mute if Broken

1. No Profanity, Swearing, Spamming, Threats, excessive use of strange characters, Advertising, or ALL CAPS in chat


2. Do not beg or repeatedly ask something of someone who has already declined your request (TPA, items, money, attention, etc…)

Level 2 Rules

Temporary Ban if Broken

1. No Griefing: Purposefully destroying / modifying another player’s creations


2. No Harassment or Bullying of other players


3. No giving out of personal information, including your own, or impersonation of another person

Level 3 Rules

Permanent Ban if Broken

1. No Hacking or Blacklisted Modifications that result in an unfair advantage


2. No ban evasion through use of an alternate Minecraft account 


3. No chargebacks on any items bought in the SubioCraft store

Other Notes

We have databases for everything that happens on our server. There is nothing you can get away with that staff wont know about, so don’t try. This includes griefing or theft; one right click with our inspection tool will tell us everything that happened in that spot over the entire history of the server. Things our logs will expose also includes logging into an alt account to avoid bans, it’s easy to check for.


Having a rank will NOT protect you if you break any of the above rules; this includes staff. If you find any player in violation of these rules, please report them. If you feel that you were wrongly prosecuted, you may appeal for a chance of lessening or removing your punishment. If at any point you find a bug, please let us know in the #suggestions or #reports chats on The Discord Server for some extra brownie points with staff!


Staff reserves the right to remove any builds and/or farms that lag the server to save performance. Laggy farms generally involve lots of bubble columns, moving parts, block / lighting / water updates, mob counts (especially guardians), large item counts, and excessive use of hoppers, dispensers, minecarts, pistons, slime blocks, etc… just don’t do it. And finally……


Have Fun!