Ongoing SubioCraft Projects

Uber Items

Does Minecraft Survival ever get boring? Well, Uber items are here to help! Uber Items can do a variety of things, including placing hundreds of blocks at once, letting you walk on air, sorting chests, and even automatically feeding you!


Uber Items is a custom plugin that will soon give players access to these powerful items through the use of Vote Keys. Once used, a vote key will randomly give the player a reward, some of which are Uber Items. Higher tier keys give better items!

Apocalypse Mode

It’s the Minecraft Apocalypse! In this custom experience, players are forced to survive the harsh conditions of the radioactive wasteland. It is important to find settlements and team up with fellow survivors against rivaling groups.


Large stashes of loot are scattered across the wastes, but be careful! They are usually heavily guarded and the risk of death is high. Once released, players should expect a gameplay experience similar to Fallout and Borderlands!