SubioCraft Features

Survival: Revamped

We aim to provide a streamlined and fun Multiplayer Minecraft Survival experience through plugins that: allow players to claim their own land, buy and sell items, and use Uber Items.

A More Expandable SkyBlock

Our SkyBlock experience is catered towards the Minecraft veterans in our playerbase. Our SkyBlock is more difficult than most, but ours expands far beyond. For example, you can access THE END! And you can get Uber Items!

No-Limits Creative Server

On our creative server you can make whatever you like unhindered! With the assistance of Uber Items, you can quickly make your ideas real, or at least as real as a bunch of blocks in a cube game 😛

Convenient Compass Menu

One of the main concepts of SubioCraft is the user experience, and we aim to create a fast and command-free environment. Of course you can still use commands, but we also provide a handy compass menu for all quick actions!

Frequent Events

To keep things fresh, we run community events! These will usually be LIVE, and have generous rewards: including Ranks, Uber Items, and in-game-money!

Friendly Staff & Community

SubioCraft promotes a friendly environment where you can team up with other players and quickly integrate into the community! Our Community Managers keep the chat civil and act quickly to remove rude players!