Frequently Asked Questions

What is SubioCraft?

SubioCraft is a Minecraft Muliplayer Server network with multiple gamemodes including: Survival, SkyBlock, Creative, and (soon) Apocalypse Survival. For more info visit our Features Page.

What does each rank get?

Give our Ranks Page a look! Ranks can be bought at our Rank Store, and help keep the server running and updating. Higher ranks gain more benefits, and can be upgraded at any time.

YouTube Rank?!?!?

SubioCraft does have a YouTube rank! For the requirements, benefits, and other info please visit the YouTube Rank Page.


What plugins do you use?

None of your business.



Is SubioCraft a cracked server?

Our Network is only available for “premium” or legitimate accounts. We at SubioCraft will do what we can to support the continued development of Minecraft, and will not harbor illegitimate players.

Need Command help?

Give our Commands Page a look! We do everything we can to minimize the need to use commands in-game, but from time to time there comes a time when it is needed.

Need Other help?

If you need help with any non-command issues, please check out our Help Page.


Want to join the team?

Give our Apply Page a look! Please do not send in an application unless you meet our requirements.

Have any other questions?

Try and ask staff members on The ThirtyVirus Bot Net Discord Channel if no staff are on SubioCraft. If you absolutely must contact staff and have thus far not been given a response, you may visit the Contact Us page.