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SkyBlock Returns! (and ushops!)

After much anticipation, and lots of code, SubioCraft SkyBlock is back! Additionally, UltimateShops (our own custom plugin) has been added to Survival and SkyBlock to allow players to buy and sell items through slab shops! Soon a market will be added to las gucchi to serve as a hub for all item trading in each gamemode. Over the next month we plan on building up the SkyBlock experience to have custom drops, uber items, custom achievements and mechanics, island prestiges, etc… When this update is complete, ThirtyVirus will begin a new season of SkyBlock Survival on his channel to showcase the experience. By then, expect the best SkyBlock experience in Minecraft!

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SubioCraft just got its very own discord channel! If you would like to play some multiplayer Minecraft together on the official ThirtyVirus Subscriber Server Network then make sure to login with! Here is the discord link as well:

Happy New Year from the SubioCraft team! Let’s make 2019 a great year for SubioCraft!

We apologize for our network being down. We are working on fixing it.

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