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SubioCraft Collaborates With MCJams!

Finally the time has come! SubioCraft is officially ready for 1.13 and the awesome people over at MC Jams‘s channel! If he brought you, be sure to the the code MCJAMS on checkout in the store! This update includes a brand new Party, Friend, and Guild system, as well as hundreds of small fixes and tweaks to make your survival experience better! Soon we plan on adding: The Creative Server, The SkyBlock Server, The Mystery Box, StrongBoxes, Uber items, Server Merch, Minigames (such as spleef, splegg, and survival games), and Boss Mobs in Survival!

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Congrats to Silver_Storm108 on obtaining [VIP] rank on #SubioCraft!

Creative is now back up! The plots are the same, the only thing you lost is your inventory, but it's creative. No big deal. Regarding Skyblock, we don't have an update on that. I'm hoping for next week for the release, and then another week for getting everything ready. #Subio

We are always looking to improve everyone’s experience on SubioCraft. If you have any ideas feel free to tag us and use the hashtag #SubioCraft

We are working with MC Jams to expand the Subiocraft community to more people. We are currently having an event on Subio to welcome many new players. Join SubioCraft now to join us! #subiocraft

Congrats on Combat_Terry for getting [GUCCHI] rank in the SubioCraft Store 😀

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